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Our story

Our company is focused on production and service of lifting technology. We have been on market since 1998. The first year seemed to be benign for our activities. This year we are starting 7th year of our activity with clientele all over the Czech Republic. There is solid background established in our resource area and provider-consumer net area. Due quality we offer, there are many subject which we cooperated. As a produce grows, still focused on quality, there has been established wide area of collaborators and contractors. Care and even our free time this is what we offer to our customers. Pervious progress shows that there will be growing trend in future.

Economic indicators


Libor Brablík

purchase order, technical solution, binding resources, spare parts and accessories, commerce

Karel Linhart

contract realization, technical solution, installation leader, guarantee and after guarantee service

František Zeman

expert representative, inspection, training, courses, consultancy ČSN ISO lifting technology

tel.: +420 417 572 922

fax: +420 417 572 934

mobil: +420 603 809 125

e-mail: libor.brablik@az-jeraby.cz

tel.: +420 417 572 924

fax: +420 417 572 934

mobil : +420 603 889 681

e-mail: karel.linhart@az-jeraby.cz

tel.: +420 417 572 931

fax: +420 417 572 934

mobil: +420 603 886 509

e-mail: frantisek.zeman@az-jeraby.cz


Services offer

  • Design and pre design of lifting technology
  • Steel construction
  • Lifting technology (crane bridge, crane overhead) delivery and assembly
  • Crane jib, crane salvage and steel constriction
  • Construction and selling of hinge technology for hold and suspension
  • Binding technology
  • Special manipulation
  • Drive design and regulation
  • Inspection, special courses and training
  • Services for customers: maintenance, repair, working readiness
  • General repair and crane reconstruction
  • Crane’s path adjustment
  • Block pulley STAHL service and remote control HBC
  • Spare parts selling

Construction, assembly and reconstruction

  • Bridge crane, crane paths, supporting structure: construction and assembly
  • Bracket crane and crane jib, overhead manipulation systems
  • Remote control (infra, radio)
  • Construction of hinge technology for hold and suspension (hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum)
  • Power contact line, coiling drums

Inspection and training courses

  • Basic and repeated training for elevator’s, crane’s, building elevator’s, mobile elevator’s operation, with person transfer too.
  • Load binders and signaler training according ČSN ISO 12480-1
  • Inspection , revision and control according ČSN 270142, ISO 9927-1, ISO 12482 – 1
  • Contact provide and consultation with authorities
  • Consultation according “System of safe work” according ČSN 12480-1
  • Providing complete technical documentation in lifting technologies area


  • Complete lifting technology service (crane bridge, crane overhead, crane paths, supporting structures)
  • Electric and handy block pulley service
  • Hinge technology for hold and suspension (hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum) service
  • Nonstop emergency
  • Adjustment and geodetic location of crane’s path


  • complete distribution of binding and lifting technology (steel ropes, compact chains, textile strap belts and bows)
  • R.STAHL comp. certificate for distribution, assembly and service

Customer reference

Since 1998 our company AZ-JEŘÁBY s.r.o. has more and more orders due to our quality. Our costumers come from Czech Republic and foreigners countries too (Spain, Glaverbel comp. on Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia). Here are our major customers:

  • Members of group Glaverbel Czech Teplice a.s.
  • Glaverbel Fenestra a.s. Zlín
  • Glaverbel STOD
  • VITRABLOK a.s. Duchcov
  • ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Mladá Boleslav
  • FLABEG a.s.,Domažlice
  • SÍTOS a.s. , Strakonice
  • GALÍ OPTIK s.r.o. Domažlice
  • METAL a.s. Trmice
  • BENTELER ČR k.s. Stráž n. N.
  • GLAVOL a.s. Olomouc
  • MUBEA a.s. Žebrák
  • ČEZ – nuclear power plant DUKOVANY
  • ŠKODA PLZEŇ – Nuclear engineering
  • PANAV a.s., Senice na Hané
  • EKOMOR s.r.o., Frýdek Místek
  • LISEC – KŮS s.r.o., Bílina
  • VIAMONT DSP, a.s.
  • Pražské Vodovody a Kanalizace, a.s.
  • Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o.
  • EnerSys, s.r.o.

ISO 9001 : 2000

Our marketing strategy is focused on quality. On 20th of December 2002 we received certificate of applicability ISO 9001: 2000 no. 24162 from MOODY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION Prague, which is operate Moody International Limited, Cuckfield House, High Street, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH 17 5EL, ENGLAND, which has representations in 60 countries all over the world.

According requirement of international std ČSN EN ISO 9001 ( ISO 9001 : 2000) We made and documented quality management system, which we still enforce and hold. We try to improve of quality management system efficiency. We enforce political of quality, aim on quality, using results and analysis of audits and management check and revision.

Thought autumn 2003, there was control audit in our company, which results affirm coincidence with international norms. There are still many inner audits trough the year to provide optional concordance of quality management.

There is going to be control audit again in November 2004.